What’s going down

Just so you know when there’s been such a hive of inactivity on the blog, I’ve just moved house and haven’t even properly moved in yet after a week. Everything’s still in bags and boxes – apart from the trusty laptop of course and will probably be like that till midweek next week. I’m looking forward to posting stuff again soon. Keep well peeps.



North Pole ice free this summer?

(shamelessly ripped mailout from my organisation)
“The pace of climate impacts, in the marine environment, has stepped up dramatically this month. The huge loss of sea ice last summer hasn’t been replaced with thick enough ice this winter. As a result, it is now predicted that it is possible that the North Pole may be ice free this summer (NSIDC May 2008).”

I’m honestly quite scared by this news! This is way faster than anything I’d read had precdicted we’d be ice freen in the North Pole?! Yikes .. 😦