642-845 Failure

I suspected as much, but I did far better than I thought I would. I scored 722/1000 and the pass mark was 790/1000 so I’m quite chuffed with the result in retrospect, but I’d rather not have to continue putting in nights of study. I guess the good thing will come to he who waits.

I pulled all the routers and switches up and out from under the bed and I’ll be getting on it with a vengance for the next fortnight.

ONT Exam

I’m feeling deflated about the exam I have in the morning. I think that I’ve actually bitten off more than I can chew, even though the official curriculum course I attended ‘should’ have prepared me well, I’ve actually felt more value from using CBT Nuggets training video’s than from the instructor led course.

I want to take it and feel confident about it, but I frankly don’t. I don’t have time to scratch my arse at work, let alone squeeze in a sneeky hours revision or kit playing, and it’s getting worse. My workload is building exponentially yet my ability to trawl through it is only as good as it’s ever been and I’m not exactly one to hang around.

I think I’ll take a step back should/when I fail this and get my 2960 switch, 1800 and 2600 routers out with the VoIP phone and spend a good deal of time building some weighty practical knowledge on the configuration of an ‘end to end’ as they say QoS model. Most of my knowledge is theory and well backed up but I don’t feel confident about walking in fresh and smashing a load of kit together and saying ‘there you go – you’ve end to end QoS, your voice calls will be fine and you’ve got loads of traffic classification too’.

That’s without buggering about with the frankly annoying Wireless section of the course which I’ve been told is disproportianally weighted in the exam.

Anyhoo, I’ll post my results, but in the meantime I’ll get back to the last minute studying. Wish me luck.

Access layer QoS

A little bit of frustration here..

I’ve got my CCNP ONT exam in two days which is a result of attending the Official Cisco Curriculum course and also using CBT Nuggets Training videos. Since studying the ONT course I’ve been spending most of time trying to translate my skills into the xDSL access world as that’s where I’ve got the routers – home and at work –  under my control to apply my new found queueing and congestion management skills. Since it actually isn’t fruitfull for me to spend too much time buggering about with xDSL routers as that’s slightly off curriculum and I need to keep focused, I was checking out my 3560 access switches which are part of the curriculum, which were configured back in the day by our all knowing wanky PBX maintenance company – Azzuri, which were at that time guised as MiTech.

They used the interface-range command and configured all the Fast Ethernet interfaces with the mls qos trust cos to take advantage of Voice VLANs as you can see here:-

interface FastEthernet0/12
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
switchport voice vlan 10
no ip address
mls qos trust cos
no mdix auto
spanning-tree portfast

but if you pop into privileged mode and do a sh mls qos interface fas 0/12

3560SW#sh mls qos interface fas 0/12
QoS is disabled. When QoS is enabled, following settings will be applied
QoS is disabled. pass-through mode
When QoS is enabled, following settings will be applied
trust admin state: trust cos
trust mode: trust cos
trust enabled flag: ena
COS override: dis
default COS: 0
DSCP Mutation Map: Default DSCP Mutation Map
trust device: none

which fairly strongly states that QoS is DISABLED! Thanks, you bunch of Jockey’s from Azzuri.

So as a pre-requisite to enabling the mls qos trust command on the interface, you have to enable mls qos in Global configuration mode

3560SW(config)#mls qos

Then when you do a sh mls qos interface fas 0/12 you magically receive the answers you were expecting to see:-

3560SW#sh mls qos interface fas 0/12
trust admin state: trust cos
trust mode: trust cos
trust enabled flag: ena
COS override: dis
default COS: 0
DSCP Mutation Map: Default DSCP Mutation Map
trust device: none

Job done. Here’s hoping that’s a question in the ONT Exam on Thursday!

Arachnophobia..? Maybe now..

I’m not one to be particularly bothered about our 8 legged friends, but this bugger sends shivers down my spine. I don’t care how much it’s bite only stings like a bee. If I had one of these things on me I’d be screaming like the bitch I am and running like I was on fire to get away from the thing! It’s just too much.. ! Golden Orb Weaver Spider

Back to Black?

A few years ago I sold one of my two Technics 1210Mk2 decks as I knew that with CDJ’s the end was nigh for my vinyl spinning friends. It’s now time to get shot of my CDJ’s, they are original CDJ500 Mk2’s and are showing the signs of age, not in a hugely bad way but unfortunately being in the digital domain they’ve been affected by huge pace of change that CD DJing has been exposed to.
Here’s the thing, I play like never these days, BUT there’s been some huge developments in the past few years with DJing software, namely Traktor. Time code vinyl, limitless effects opportunities and just insane speed and flexibility are SOME of the features of this kit. It’s unreal.
I won’t be selling that last 1210 just yet.. 😉

Sweatshop Union

I’ve been listening to Sweatshop Union’s album Natural Progression loads this week. I love it! I came across them after watching The Collective for about the millionth time and thought to myself I must get some of the tunes off the Film as they are cracking, and that they are. Really good rhymes and sublime beats, I just can’t get them off the iPhone playlist at the minute! I’m sure I’ll wear em out soon 🙂

Brain Ache

My god, I thought things would kinda get a little easier when I got the latest certifications under my belt. How wrong could I be!

I’ve magically managed to line up Citrix CCA on XenApp5, Windows MCTS on Active Directory, CCNP and VMware Certified Design Expert all which I want/would like to have written off come May next year. I’ve got a day job to do too! Does the power of certification not know this!

Though to be fair, it does feel like one of the first times I won’t be chasing the technologies and I’m actually getting qualified at or near the point of product release rather than nearer the exam retirement date which seems to have been a trait of mine in the past. That can only be a good thing.

I’m currently reading up on the Cisco ONT exam after attending the Cisco Curriculum course. It’s quite a challenging one and I think I’ve done it a little arse about face given the recommended way of attacking the CCNP seems to do the BCMSN or BSCI first then the ISCW and ONT last, but hey ho, Exams on the 14th November so we’ll see how it goes.

My New Tool

Just last week I bought myself a second hand Specialized Epic Comp ’08 model. I’ve been after an ’07 Epic Marathon for yonks as it’s my fave colour (black) and had all the groovy stuff hanging off it that I wanted for an upgrade to my existing ’03 Epic.

Alas only one ever popped up on EBay and I missed out on the bugger by a fiver, but since seeing the spec of the ’08 Comp model, it was pretty much equivalent to the ’07 Marathon, so when one popped up just recently, I snapped it’s arms off bought the bugger and I’ve not looked back!

Apart from the reas shock being buggered which was swiftly replaced FOC by Specialized within the week, it’s was an absoloute bargain. I’ve been out for 3 rides on it so far, all fairly lengthy and It’s been a dream to ride. The crank is stiff as hell, the front forks are plush as you like and the rear sus you hardly notice. it’s hard as nails on a climb and kicks in just right on the downhills. Love it.

One of the other things that I’ve really noticed is cool is the grip from the tyres that the guy supplied with the bike. I’m usually a fan of Panarace Fire XC Pro’s or Cinder’s, but these Specialized Captain 2.0’s are absolutely awesome! I can’t fault the grip they’ve given me in all sorts of muck so far and I think after I’ve tried the Cinders again, I’m going to be convinced that the Captain’s are a better tyre!

All in all a well chuffed lad with his new tool 🙂 .