Tunes.. Help you chill more easily

Got a couple of artists which are new to me share with you guys.

One of which is new on the scene, the group Flobots, whose single Handlebars is great! Check out the video too, it’s awesome.

The other which is Marlin, whose album Grid Mode I’ve recently got hold of. Check him here.


Optimizing before I can build…

I’ve been re-studying for the ONT exam I failed a couple of weeks back and I haven’t been exactly over the moon with the progress I’ve made. Not to say I haven’t made any, far from it, just that I feel there’s a few little bits missing and I think I may have been right. I’ve taken a look on some of the Cisco forums about how people feel about the order of preference for doing the CCNP track and it seems out of the fours courses, I’ve chosen one of the last two to do first.
This pretty much explains why I feel like I’m missing some knowledge, especially after looking through the course description of the BCMSN and the objectives it sets for you.

It’s a bit depressing to some extent, but I think to set me up really well for the ONT and ISCW exams, I’m going to back off the ONT for now and do BCMSN and BSCI before revisiting the ONT. Damn it.

There’s a little advice in there for anyone thinking of doing the same! Don’t do it! Do the BCMSN/BSCI first then follw up with the other two exams!

Be Cool


I got stuck just yesterday trying to deal with a 0 byte file that was stopping an ICACLS script from running. ICACLS just reported an error when scanning the DACL of the file and stopped dead.

When I spent time investigating the little blighter I found that I wasn’t able to do anything whatsover within my current arsenal of skills to get rid of the thing.
10 mins later after some forum digging, I came up with Unlocker as the answer to my problems. Nice little shell integrated utility that immediately deal with the file , no question asked.

Winner. 🙂

Head in the Cloud

Coo.. I’m spending the most part of this morning learning how to engineer the cloud. Product releases from VMware and Cisco in the forms of VI4 and the Nexus switch respectively are going to make Network Engineers spit out their brains and start again in what seems like an even more monumental shift than the Physical to Virtual movement of the past few years.
I’m looking forward to it. 😉 Though I’m not looking forward to the licensing. 😦