D&B Lives.. and it lives HARD

I’ve been farting around on iTunes recently listening to Radio stations broadcasting on there and came across BassDrive.com’s stream and MY GOD is it good! You can listen straight off the website without needing iTunes too so I suggest you get over there now!!!

DJ Amnesty from Thailand and NotioN from Essex are dropping the biggest phattest tunes on there from what I can tell but there’s also an American and Venezuelan contingent on there making their noises heard. Very cool and very much what I’m listening to ALOT at the mo. 🙂


Xmas Certifiable

I got a little nugget of pleasantry through the post today amongst the other festive cards and things.
I sat the Beta Citrix XenApp5 on 2008 exam a couple or few months back and I’ve passed! Excellent! And I’m surprised, as after 3 whole hours of sitting the exam I was bored to tears of questions and I had to take tea and loo breaks, the lot. Nice little treat after the double failure of Cisco exams I had recently though.

Cheers Mr Citrix 😉

Two failiures in a row

I’m sitting on the bus after failing my second CCNP exam in a row and I’m absoloutely fuming! I put in what I considered to me more than enough study time for this BCMSN exam, and I got picked to bits by Wireless AGAIN! I failed the ONT exam for the same reasons just a month ago. I’m going to have to buy in some Aironet kit so I can sort this gap in my knowledge out. Damn it.