I’m speechless after discovering this.

In the last 100 years, 90% of UK vegetable varieties have been lost from our soils. That means that of the vegetable varieties you’re used to seeing at the Greengrocer of SuperMarket and more to the point buying from trusty Mr Fothergills or Sutton Seeds, there are actually another 9 times again as many vegetables that you are being denied the choice of purchasing let alone seeing. And get this, and this is serious shit. It’s ILLEGAL, yes ILLEGAL for the seeds for these varieties to be sold commercially thanks to European Seed Law. What we’re saying here is Vegetable, yes Vegetable seed trading for 90% of the indigenous Vegetables of the United Kingdom, not Sex Trafficking or Ammunitions Trading… is ILLEGAL.

I’ve seen and read some things recently and frankly this is infuriating.

In fact on a slight alternate whinge, I find the fact that Cannabis as a plant is illegal to be a injustice to the legal system which is based upon ‘Gods Law’ which I’m sure would make Cannabis one of Gods plants would it not, bewilderingly stupid to be frank. And while I’m at it Poppy’s too. There’s a difference between growing a few Opium Poppy’s or Cannabis plants for your own enjoyment and farming either, on a commercial scale. It’s easy to see which is which and a few plants is understandable. Farming fields of the stuff which has commercial purposes and obviously isn’t powering a unquenched personal habit, as you would be too smashed up to be able to get up to farm and tend to your crop if you were than bang on either of them anyhow.

What’s amazing here is this incredible detachment from Nature in every form being demonstrated here. Nature is here to be profited from, Nature is evil, Nature must be prohibited, yet we ARE Nature and a VERY insignificant part at that.
We don’t play an important part in any of the ecosystems. If Humanity were to be wiped out tomorrow, the rest of the living inhabitants on this planet would thrive and not miss us in the slightest. I’m sure a few cats might meow for a day or too and I’d certainly miss my dog if I had one.. But seriously, In stark contrast to the Bees for example. Think if all the plants were no longer pollinated by the little flying beasties of this world. What effects would that have. Go on. Stop reading, think what would happen if everything that relied on pollination were suddenly unable to be pollinated.

You starting to realise yet?

We are Consumers. Consumers of the highest order who have been contributing less and less back into the intricate world around us since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The Irony that I’m actually whining on the backbone of the greatest communication collaboration tool that we’ve created yet since said revolution is kinda funny. But If I were to write a letter to you all, well you get the idea.

So after much typing. Here’s some things to do.
Find yourself and hour and a half and watch this The World According to Monsanto and perhaps ‘find’ it on the internet if you’re resourceful. This isn’t the kinda documentary you’ll get in Blockbuster or WHSmith.
Visit these guys, Heritage Seed Library and even better, if you have your own Land/Garden become a member and start contributing towards the cause.

I hope you find this post useful.

P x


It’s a bit late, but you’ll thank me ..

I’ve been jacking in my seat to this for the past week, and it’s almost 2 years old as it is but MY GOD! How good is this album!?

Fedde Le Grand put his vinyl where his deck is and spins some absolutely incredible tunes for this Ministry of Sound release which I can say I’ve enjoyed more than any house compilation that’s been released in the past 6 months to a year.

The opening track on CD 1 requires you dedicate all your mains power to your subwoofer and start bouncing about the house like you’re some kind of afflicted fool! Damn! I’m trawling the Ministry’s Club listings for something that’ll quench my appettite for phat beats right now! Argh! I need some Ministry Basslines!

Bulk Protein

I’ve been having a bit of scour, whilst waiting for bits to happen on my servers at work, for some bulk protein suppliers. Firstly I’ve been trying to find a supplier which sells Maximuscle Promax on the cheap, as even though Fitness First stock the products regularly now, they really are charging top dollar for them and I can’t be paying their prices for a new tub every 14 days.
Thing is I kinda trust Maximuscle so I’d like to stay with the brand.
The only solution to this nasty pricing is make sure you team up with a sufficiently loony exercise mad mate and order all your stuff together so you get the buy 4 and get one free deals and stock up for the month. Also subscribing to the MuscleBullitin.com newsletters helps as they knock out good exclusive deals once in a while which helps you get your Maximuscle products cheaper.

Bring on the Beefcake!!

Well travelled or Environmentally Inconsiderate?

So the next time your standing in a bar talking to someone with tales of uncountable foreign lands which they visited in the space of months, marvelling at the iPhone photos of the indigenous folk of some low lying land in the South Pacific and the curious creatures of a tropical outland, are you going to coo and admire said authentic waffle and photographic jamboree or are you going to poise to ask the poignant question of whether they realised that the flights they took to said exotic places are cumulatively destroying those exact paradises by continuing their unsustainable travelling behaviour even in the face of stark and widely available fact??

Just one more wafer thin flight?

When watching The Age of Stupid premiere on Sunday, I found it quite comforting to hear the producer answering a question on the subject of Climate Change with a rhetort that announced the decline in our planets environment as ‘a result of a western lifestyle’ which puts the onus fairly and squarly on our door. You, me, the western inhabitant. It’s not news to the more environmentally aware, I know, but I like to be reminded, life outside the environmentally concerned sphere goes on with too much disregard to this fact and needs to be told again and again and again. Just one flight by one celebrity flying to their premiere would have completely ruined their carbon budget for the film which worked out at 1% of a normal Hollywood production. How are we (the environmentally conscious) going to get people to realize that flying is an incredibly damaging privledge rather than a god given right?

Break a world record and get involved in Earth Hour 2009

Evening folks,

There’s a première this weekend of the new movie – The Age of Stupid. It’s being called the people’s première and among many more esteemed and worthwhile goals would like to set a Guinness World Record for the largest première attendance. Please click through the link and learn more about it. Good luck to the Firefly boys who are providing the solar rig for the show!

Once you’ve seen the movie, please get involved in this years Earth Hour and help make an even bigger impact than in 2008.

Big Love