2010 comes to you with the letters D and B

Ahh.. Whilst sitting around sipping a cup of Orgasmic Swirling Mist White Tea last night I ended up contemplating the differences in record shopping between the mid nineties and now.

Back then, I’d arm myself with my trusty Warp Records bag, empty and flapping in the wind. I’d make my way up to the Mecca that was Soho and Camden Town by train and visit such long dead vinyl traders such as Choci’s Choons and Zoom Records to get the latest blistering hot techno and trance tunes and lose no less than £100 in hard earnt notes, otherwise it would feel like a half arsed trip. On one such visit to Choci’s I had my first ever go on Absinth at what must have been not much more than midday one Saturday.. Smiles!
With record bag bulging and full with the anticipation of getting back and rinsing the new wax out of my Cerwin Vega’s, I’d negotiate the tubes and trains and return to my 1210’s and DJM500 and spend the rest of the day/night getting rather excited about the loot which I’d managed to acquire and thinking about how to construct it into my latest dose of sonic assault to be distributed amongst my mates.

Today, I can listen online 24×7 to any podcast or online radio station – with tracklisting – so there’s no going up to the counter of said vinyl dealer and asking for the tune that goes ‘dum dum waaah wasaah waasaaaaahh’, and within moments I can have that tune that I’ve just heard from Juno/Beatport downloaded and burnt up to CD and mixing on the decks downstairs, or if I can’t be bothered with that, simply chucked straight  into Serrato/Tracktor and I’ve never actually left my seat from hearing to purchasing to playing.

It’s definitely empowering in the digital age, but it’s definitely lost the personal touch and the journey that you used to have to go through getting new music. No shit I guess.
As far as Serrato and Tracktor are concerned. I’m not a fan if you’re using them to simply mix tune to tune. That’s gotta be a cop out. I know selection is key, so if you’re beatmatching fantastically but playing Bob the Builder then noone is going to give a damn, but you have to do something if you’re going to call yourself a proper club DJ surely?
I think where Serrato and Tracktor are actually useful is empowering the DJ to actually create on the fly and transcend the barrier of  2/3 decks and get really impulsive with all the material at his or her disposal.

Ahh.. there was a point to all this! I did end up going through the latter purchasing process and got myself a good wedge of new Drum and Bass which I’ve been getting ohhh soo excited about. As a result I’m going to chuck together this bunch a choons and publish it on soundcloud for you lovely people.

Be Ready. Be Cool



Recovering Cisco 870 Routers

I recently purchased a second hand 877W router to replace the excellent but noisy 1801W router I have.

The chap who’d owned it before me had disabled password recovery on the fecker with the no service password-recovery command.
Could I get into ROMON to disable the config and reload from a blank config? Could I feck!

I eventually after a bit of head scratching and lurking in dark corners of the Internet, found this excerpt:-

[quote] Q. What is the use of Reset button on Cisco 870 and 850 Series routers ? A. Reset button is used to restore the router to default-factory settings if pressed within five seconds of the router power-up. In line with this implementation, the following scenarios are possible. 1. Router will not react to the reset button if pressed after the 5 seconds of power-up. 2. When the reset button is pressed within 5 seconds of boot up, and there is no valid xxx.cfg file in the flash, then the router boots up with the factory defaults. 3. When the reset button is pressed within 5 seconds of boot up, and there is a valid xxx.cfg file in the flash, router will boot up with the xxx.cfg file and avoid the startup-config file in the nvram. [end quote]

This saved my bacon! I’d never even looked for a ‘reset button’ on the bloody thing till I read that!



Seasons Greetings

Hola folks!

Greetings from the final death throws of 2009! It’s been an tough old year for me, changing jobs twice, losing family, getting relationships a bit wonky. Still, 2009 had it’s share of very bright moments also. LoL! As I’ve written that, I thought ‘what the bloody hell were they?’… Hmm.. well.. I feel like it’s definitely finishing with some kind of potential for change and shining light. My life in 2010 will be wholly different than the previous 4 or 5 where debt has pretty much ruled all.

Things I’ve decided I’d like to achieve for 2010 include:-

Learn the Piano. I’ve found a training system from LearnAndMaster.com which I’m going to try out as it’s not too expensive. I’d like a Yamaha P-85 Electric Piano but I’ll just get by with the Yamaha A1NX synth my housemate has lent me to see how well I get on with the basics.

Bulk up to 12 Stone and then cut back down to 11.5/75. I’m running with one of JoeDefranco’s 12 week plans currently and I’m on week 4. It seems to be going well and I’ll post about my experience with it in a couple of months.

Qualify myself as Cisco CCNP to compliment my CCSP credentials, I’ve my BCMSN exam booked for the 21st Jan already, I’ve previously failed both the BCMSN and ONT exams but hope to smash them this time round and emerge victorious as a Networking Ninja.

We’ll see how this lot goes as to how I treat the second half of 2010, as although I can see past then, it very much depends on how I do in the first part as to whether or not I continue to pursue these goals or align myself to something else.

I hope you all have a great end to 2009 and get everything you hoped for for 2010.

Be Cool