Great iPhone App

I’ve gotta plug my latest workout buddy.. Flex Workout App from the App Store.

It’s a great flexible, customisable application that really really fits for what I’ve done so far in all my routines.
The pre-entered exercises are excellent and describe most of the exercises you’re likely to come across during your workouts, with the option to add your own custom exercises and modify your workouts on the fly even if for no sillier reason than there’s no chance you’re going to get on the machine or equipment you need for that set because it’s busy!

One of the two App’s I’ve ever bought for my iPhone and I love it.

Big up Mr/Mrs Flex developer!


Social unNetworking

I’ve removed myself from FaceBook and Twitter as I’ve become a little bored with the whole social networking thing, Yammer included. I think there’s already too little social interaction in my life with my day job productivity able to be gauged by how long I stare at a screen during my 8 hour working day.

Irony is I choose another web medium to communicate this to the random people that choose to read this but I think I prefer the statement/sound bite style of communication for the things I’m doing these days and welcome any comments from you ‘orrible lot.

Ciao for now