CCIE R&S Study, now started

So with about 50 days till my CCIE written and 225 days till my slated lab date, I’ve started the journey to my biggest certification goal yet, and one that I hope will prove a bit of a life changer.

I’ve got my lab almost complete bar a couple of WIC-1T cards and tidying the cables up once it’s final, but for the most part it’s done.

It’s a mirror of the INE CCIE v4 Topology, and I’ll be using a combination of INE, IPExpert and CBTNuggets to prepare for both exams on the kit. The only exception to the topology being that I’ve used 4x 3560’s (2x PoE and 2x Non-PoE) rather than 2 x 3550’s and 2 x 3560’s and my backbone routers are 2611XM’s rather than 2501’s.

This lot cost me something in the region of £3000 to setup and is kindly hosted at work so I don’t have to listen the lot of it whirring away and worry about where to put it all.

It’s all hooked up with APC7920 Switched PDU’s so I can remote power it all off and on when I want it. Nice. So enough of the showing off of my large investment in my career, I’m off to get down and dirty with some Frame Relay.

UPDATE May 2013.

I can’t believe it’s three years since I started this journey already. I never guessed I would have not even finished my CCNP at this time let alone not even had one shot at the CCIE yet back then.

Still, the progress is that the Lab is updated and up to scratch. Here’s a piccy of it’s current layout.

It’s a proper looky likey of Stretch’s PacketLife.Net lab.


So here I am re-doing the ROUTE study so that I can prepare to attempt the TSHOOT exam before my time expires in August this year. I deal with Routing Protocols so infrequently that I need a full re-hash of the subject knowledge so I’ve started as early as I could to get things moving.
Fingers Crossed!


TSHOOT and CCIE Written

Damn, it’s been a month or two since I posted. Internet neglect, I should be punished.

Anyhoo, Re: my last post about failing the ROUTE exam, I re-took it a fortnight later and passed! Well chuffed. The exam was notably different from the first attempt that I made, though there was a couple I remembered from the previous attempt, but worse still, I knew I’d not completed one of those Simlet questions, I knew what I needed to do, was trying to attempt it, but was getting nowhere trying to apply the configuration! Pretty much how I felt the first time round, though I did have an extra arrow in my bow, but even that wasn’t being accepted. Dang!

So that said, I’ve booked my TSHOOT exam for Dec 3rd and just to make it easy on myself I’ve booked my CCIE Written for Dec 17th, 2 days before I fly to Goa for Christmas! I really really want to book my CCIE Lab before I go away for holidays so I can get as cheap a flight as possible to San Jose next Summer. It’s all quite an ask, but I think given the time frame I’m enthusiastic enough to achieve it.

If I’m quiet in the next couple of months, you know why now! No doubt I’ll find something quirky I want to keep in the public domain I’ll post about though.

I hope to have some great pictures from India too, so I look forward to sharing those in the new year.

Be Cool!

P x