Life with a knackered foot

I went back to the scene of the crime today. I was up at London Docklands for a meeting with an ISP and walked the streets that saw me triumph against them, yet kindly gave me all this pain in return. I think I can almost photographically remember the entire route, around every corner I was looking for somewhere to collapse out of sight and get the weight off my foot!

I’m back at the gym now too even though I’m not doing anything with my feet, I’m just getting a few weeks of muscle stimulation out the way before I start weight training properly. Whilst doing some barbell curls I noticed how much my right calf has wasted or just reduced in size from the lack of use. It’s noticeable even standing 10ft away so I’m dead keen for that to stop as I don’t want a weedy leg! I’ve convinced myself it’s only from the direct lack of use over the past 10 days or so and the way I’ve been limping and not bending my ankle. Give it a couple of days of normal use and a weights session and it’ll return to shape and not look out of place.

Thanks again for everyone that sponsored me for Sunday and supported the cause!


Final CCSP Exam

I’ve started the last piece of the CCSP puzzle this week. Whilst I’ve got elephantiasis of the foot from the Marathon I can’t really do much so I’ve started reading Cisco Security Agent and Advanced Host Intrusion Prevention with CSA which are the two kinda reading material requirements for the exam as well as deploying the CSA software in a test environment which’ll be my next step sometime next week when I’ve ploughed through the both of these epics.

I’ve just noticed that Cisco have now made available the 642-591CANAC Implementing Cisco NAC Appliance as a final option for me to gain CCSP status, though I think I’ve less resources for studying that. I’ve been preparing to study for the HIPS exam gathering documentation and evaluation software for a while so it seems dumb to go for the CANAC exam at the last minute, even though it’d be slightly more beneficial in my job.

So with all that said, I should hope within the next month to have climbed the heady heights and gained a Cisco Professional level certification which’ll be chuffin great!

I’m still alive!

As of yesterday at 13:36 I was an official Flora London Marathon finisher!

It was a day of ups and downs as ever a Marathon could be, but especially so because of the extent of the injury I was carrying. I hadn’t run for about a week when I turned up for the race and the first I knew about how much pain I was going to have to deal with was taking those first few hundred limping steps away from the start line.
I very almost gave up in the first mile. The thought of carrying that amount of pain for the coming four hours or so was frankly daunting and I was so very close to just stepping out and making my way via shuttle bus to the finish line. I had a few words with myself and got my head together and worked out ways of distracting myself from the pain, and by the time I got to mile 2 the kids wanting the high 5’s on the way past and the general high spirits of the crowds kept my mind away from the dark corner of giving up.

This all gave way at about mile 5 when I honestly had a tear in my eye and was limping badly when I saw my buddy Stuart in the distance, being the 7ft behemoth that he is, it wasn’t hard, and that honestly lifted my spirits no end. The next time I remember feeling conscious was around the 10k mark when all the pain and effort was starting to mould into one. I was very surprised with the time on the banners at 43mins which is a respectable 10k time without an injury let alone limping and struggling through!

Then came the sideways hail and rain. There was one thing keeping me going now, knowing that I’d be more cold than I already was if I stopped. It was horrible, this all came to an end as we closed on Canary Wharf though and the shelter of the buildings and the more closely packed crowed was all a welcome sight.

I didn’t find the cramps coming on as bad as ’07 though they were definitely coming and should I have done anything wrong I would have started cramping up for sure.

I was so happy when I reached the 25 mile marker and I was on 3:38:51 which meant I had 22 minutes to finish the last mile and happily wander across the line with injury in under 4 hours.

So 3:51:54 came round and I happily finished in one piece and without the physio which I needed after finishing last year.

I’m paying for the running already though, I’ve an ankle which is badly bruised and swollen, though I’m going to be treating it with all due respect rather than trying to nail 26miles on it again anytime soon.

Thanks everyone for all your support and sponsorship – in case you haven’t and you want to

Big Love
Mr B

Slave to the Marathon

No, not the impending Flora London Marathon that’s coming up Sunday and causing me so much grief, I’m talking an ’07 Speciaized Epic Marathon I’m basically a bit fed up with my Pace RC40 forks on my current ’03 Epic. I thought the RC40’s would be great, but after a few years of owning them and putting up with looking at the lush carbon forklegs and their complete lack of smooth travel, I’ve decided that I really really woulda been better off owning a pair of Fox Float RC’s.
So in the true dramatic fashion, instead of getting a new pair of forks I figured It’d be better to upgrade to the new Brain Fade rear shock and the new M5 frame design by getting a whole new – second hand – bike. Especially if I end up deciding to re-align my cardiovascular efforts in the direction of a few Cross Country mountain bike races this year, it all makes perfect sense and I’ve justified any expense perfectly – In my head!

We’ll see how I get on Ebay fiending over the next week and see if I’ve anything shiny and black with two wheels attached come then. 🙂

Wyse Thin Clients

I’m now the owner of a couple of second hand Wyse thin client hardware devices.

I’ve bought an S10 and an S90 which are differentiated by the fact that the S10 is super lightweight as it only runs Wyse’s own ‘WTOS’ Wyse Thin Operating System, supports RDP and ICA connections straight off the hardware and the S90 which has Windows XPe installed on it for rich local experience support, video, browser, java etc.

I’ve got them in on a whim as I don’t feel we’re moving fast enough at my work to get towards a meaner leaner greener IT infrastructure. These boxes only use 4watts of power each so compare that to an HP small form factor PC like the ones we’ve deployed in my organisation which has a 240watt PSU and you’re making a 98% power saving per person by using them. Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t for everyone. The likes of me, a network admin, for example may struggle to get by on one, though to be honest the only good reason I can come up with right now is I’ll lose my DVD burner.. Hmm.. but anyhow, there’s power users that’ll require more than your average Email Client, Office suite and PDF reader which is a perfect fit for Wyse hardware and they’ll need to keep their desktops or something of that kin.
But even so, if 75% of a 300 user organisation moved to 4watt power consumption, that’s 54Kw power drain reduced down to 900watts. Serious figures huh.
Now I’ve not talked about the back end infrastructure that’ll be needed to supply the thin client experience to the users, that’s for another post. Suffice to say, I’m very happy my manager has just bought us a HP Bladesystem to power our VMware Infrastructure which means there’s lots of very efficient power to do all that.

Peace and out

Bloody Foot!

I know I’ve been told I’m okay to run on Sunday, but it hurts like hell and the thought of it is frankly really quite horrible. I’ve considered going with crutches and seriously thought about asking my team that are meeting me at the finish to have a pair ready for me so I can get back home easily as I fear it’s going to be excruciating by the time I’ve finished 26 miles.

I’m I dumb for still considering the run? Probably, fact is it’s pretty much all that’s on my mind at the moment and I won’t know for sure if I’m good to go till 6am Sunday morning when I wake up for the event!

Caaaaalm niiiiiceee thoughts.. Hummmmmmmm…